Ten Things You Learn in a Voice Studio

Those things you learn in a voice studio stretch beyond vocal technique. Here are ten things I’ve learned as a voice student!

1. Not practicing is expensive. And the teacher can always tell when you didn’t…


2. Breathing is more complicated than anyone ever thought. Sternocledio…what?


3. Divas…


4. Vowel shapes are the bane of your existence

6-7(this is a real chart…)

5. Singing in Latin, German, Italian and many other languages can be fun!… French is not.


6. There are just some notes you aren’t meant to sing


7. How awesome it feels when you hit those notes and totally nail it!


8. Outside motivation, such as a performance is needed for memorization to actually work


9. That look your teacher gives you when you finally click with your song


10. A voice is a powerful thing.



Hey readers! Which ones did I miss? Leave a comment below!

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Jayne's Music Studio

Everyone has an innate ability for music. All it takes is coordination and belief that it's there inside you. Come see for yourself!

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